Efficiently pin-pointing your automotive recruitment needs

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Companies in the automotive industry experience recruitment challenges at various levels, from the shop floor all the way to managerial or C-level. In the majority of cases the higher up the hierarchy and the more time that passes the tougher it becomes to find and hire the right people for jobs. With this in mind it is important you have a plan in place to improve efficiency. At John Gibson Associates we can help you with creating recruitment plans and deciding on your strategy.

The biggest worry when recruiting is ensuring the individuals you appoint are right for the role. They must possess the relevant skills and qualifications whilst also having the right personality to succeed. On top of this you will want to choose people who can help you to achieve strategic, operational, and cultural objectives. These individuals can prove to be invaluable to the business.

To start out you first need to settle on those objectives. The more clarity there is with them the easier it should be to determine your employee requirements. Additionally you can use the information when you come to looking through applications to determine which candidates tick the right boxes.

When considering recruitment you should keep in mind that the number of potential candidates will be limited by several things. Possibly the most crucial among these is the level of the position. Typically there are fewer and fewer candidates as you move up the hierarchy. This occurs because the number of people with the relevant characteristics falls substantially. With a smaller pool of talent to choose from and a longer, more complex list of requirements to satisfy it is no wonder it is so tricky.

We understand the challenges and complexities that exist in automotive recruitment and are well placed to offer great services for our clients. John Gibson Associates has been serving businesses across the UK for many years and we have a wonderful track record of satisfied clients. We help each of them to find the employees that will deliver the very best value.

If you have any questions about exploring your objectives or creating a recruitment strategy you can call on us. We will offer our help and then set about finding the very best people for you to appoint.