Don’t let staff turnover eat into your profits

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High staff turnover can be a huge problem for businesses in any sector, making it necessary for them to frequently invest in recruitment to fill the vacancies and resulting in high costs. There is also the potential for lost revenue from sales, missed production targets and fees for hiring temporary staff if it becomes necessary.

In the automotive sector, high staff turnover can be seen in various roles including sales positions in dealerships and call centre operations. The issue can arise when businesses are not effectively choosing the right type of applicants and employees themselves view the jobs as temporary stopgaps rather than as long term careers. Reducing staff turnover can be a challenge, but it is not impossible, and there are various strategies you can implement to overcome the issue.

When it comes to automotive recruitment, the most crucial factor is to choose the right person for each role. Rushing the process in order to get numbers up is a bad strategy and only focuses on the short term. You will be at risk of employees leaving the company further down the line, creating disruptions to your whole workforce. It is better to look further into the future, take time and care with recruiting, and carefully examine candidates before selecting them.

The foundation of strong recruiting is to understand exactly what the business needs. Once this is known, recruiters will have a clear idea of the kind of attributes the ideal candidate will possess. You can use the model of the perfect candidate to help you narrow down the field and choose the most suitable applicants. From there you can look at each individual on their own merits and make the best appointment.

At John Gibson Associates we are committed to helping businesses in the automotive sector to build a stronger understanding of the process of recruiting for motor trade jobs. We are highly experienced and have supported clients across the UK in their pursuit of the best staff. If you have any concerns about high staff turnover and recruiting the right people, we are well placed to help you.