Does Formula One really benefit the automotive industry?

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Another Formula One season has come to an end. It has, as usual, been one filled with intrigue, excitement and entertainment. In addition to this, the teams involved have once again pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in respect of motor car engineering. We thought that the end of another racing calendar would be a good point to stop and look at the ways in which the work carried out in the world of Formula One benefits the automotive industry.

At face value, many fans who are not involved with the motor trade might be dismissive of any potential benefits, arguing that little which is achieved in respect of the speeds achieved by the high performance cars in Formula One would have little relevance to private vehicles. Whilst it’s true that standard cars are not manufactured in a way that would see them reach the formidable speeds achieved by racing cars, the design and engineering behind getting that performance certainly does contribute.

Getting a Formula One car to achieve the speeds they are capable of relies on incredible levels of efficiency being achieved. This all comes at the design and engineering stage, although of course one must give credit to the drivers. The work designers and engineers carry out to increase speed is always carried through to the design of private cars, with everything from safer braking through to fuel efficiency in modern vehicles stemming from achievements made in Formula One.

In respect of the automotive recruitment services we provide, it’s fair to say that many candidates we represent aspire to one day working in the world of Formula One. This is quite understandable, as it is in the eyes of most the very pinnacle of the industry. Whilst only the elite ever make it to that level it is, mindful of the above insights, fair to say that all who work in the automotive sector have in some way benefited from achievements in the world of Formula One.

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