Diversification in materials creates motor trade jobs

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One thing that is helping to stimulate the creation of motor trade jobs in the UK is the wider use of different materials in modern vehicles. In place of heavier steels manufacturers are exploring everything from aluminium to carbon fibre and lightweight composites. The weight savings help to reduce fuel consumption and each material also tends to be better for the environment. This makes them very popular.

With a wider array of materials being used comes changes to the skills required by technicians taking care of accident repairs. The same techniques to repair steel bodywork are unlikely to be appropriate for composites, aluminium, and carbon fibre because of the differences in the properties. Different methods are needed to repair these materials effectively. As a result there is demand for people who are experienced at working with them.

In addition to the skills generally a wide array of different equipment is needed to accomplish repairs to newer, lightweight materials. As a result the technicians need to be trained with these and able to provide the best results when using them.

Many repair providers are investing in new equipment and expanding their workforces so they can work on modern, prestige vehicles that feature a variety of newer, lighter materials. One such is Poole Accident Repair. They recently completed expansion of their facility and are creating 5 new jobs for technicians.

Eventually every business involved in accident repairs will need to modernise and ensure they can work with a wider array of materials. Those that fail to do so limit themselves and may face a very difficult future, particularly with diversification and movement from steel expected to continue.

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