Diversification could help with recruitment

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A potential solution to the challenges employers face in terms of motor trade recruitment is to diversify their workforces. By expanding their search criteria and looking at potential recruits from different backgrounds, including those outside of the industry itself, businesses can find new opportunities.

A more diverse workforce would also be a much better reflection of the wide range of people being catered too. The target audience for vehicles, whether they are family cars or supercars, is very diverse. Why shouldn’t staff at the businesses reflect this, whether it is sales, manufacturing, or servicing roles?

An important thing to look at is the strongest companies in the UK, those on the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 indexes generally have the most diverse workforces. These businesses understand the value of calling on people from different backgrounds and areas of speciality. This gives them a wider pool of skills to choose from and a better mix of approaches to work. Employers in the motor trade should follow suit.

At John Gibson Associates we understand the value that diversification can offer. When businesses call on us for help with motor trade recruitment we look far and wide for the best people, selecting the candidates we feel suit each role. Our focus is always on finding the right person for the client and the position, working hard to ensure each appointment will be a long term success.

If you are facing recruitment challenges we are confident we can help, regardless of the type of position you are trying to fill. We have experience of recruiting for everything from sales to specialist engineering, management to design. Whatever your needs we will work with you to address them.

The fact that we operate all across the UK thanks to our dedicated franchisees means we can support businesses in all kinds of locations. Contact a franchisee near you and they will be pleased to help.