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Axion Polymers, a UK plastics recycler, has urged the automotive industry to simplify the materials used in vehicle development. There are currently no realistic ways to recycle or reuse the modern, highly technical, lightweight composite materials used in vehicle design, meaning that they are likely to be simply scrapped once the vehicle has reached the end of its useful life. They hope to encourage manufacturers to consider developing more sustainable options which can be recovered and reused in the future.

Automotive design and manufacturing is a fast-paced and ever evolving industry, and as consumers start to demand more eco friendly vehicles, manufacturers will no doubt rise to the challenge. There have already been major steps towards making vehicles more environmentally friendly over the last few years, with the development of electric cars and the exploration of alternatives to fossil fuels. It seems likely that there will also be steps to make vehicles more sustainable in terms of the materials used to build them too. In order for this to happen, the industry will need to be staffed with talented people who have a real passion for investigating new materials and developing new techniques.

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