Demand for cars grew substantially in 2014

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Nobody quite knows what 2015 could bring for the automotive industry. However, as the economy continues to recover, demand for cars is on the rise, and this could mean a very healthy outlook for the industry within the upcoming year. Nobody should discount the fortunes of this pivotal British industry, and with steps being taken to entice more people into automotive jobs, it appears as if the industry is heading for another boom period.

Signs of growth in 2014 are significant, especially considering the number of cars that were bought. UK vehicle registrations skyrocketed during 2014, making it the highest number of registrations since 2003. Of particular note is that low emission models, such as hybrid and electric fuel cars, saw a 58% increase in demand with over 50,000 cars sold. 2.48m new cars were sold, just under the 2.6m figure of 2003. However, sales are expected to continue to rise, and it is not out of the picture to suggest that the figure for 2015 may surpass that of 2003.

Despite this there are estimates that manufacturing figures themselves for 2014 will be quite low, due to the lack of demand from the EU and Russia. However, that isn’t to say that it’s bad news for manufacturing. Jaguar Land Rover recorded their best December output in a decade, producing 109,000 vehicles and totalling 1.5m for the year. The Mini factory in Oxford also produced 180,000 cars in 2014, an increase over the figures it registered in 2013. Government investment in the industry is increasing and manufacturers are pushing forward initiatives towards enticing and training young people in the industry, particularly in manufacturing.

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