Dealers facing difficulties finding skilled automotive staff

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Many motor dealerships and companies are facing more and more difficulty when it comes to recruiting staff, especially those skilled enough to rise to the challenges faced with the growing and changing industry.

A lot of businesses have noted that throughout the year of 2014, they saw a decreased amount of quality skilled workers available within the UK and, while this year has started to show some promising talent, there are still parts that are suffering. As UK based manufacturing is currently on the rise, there is a higher demand for skilled and qualified staff to work in these kinds of motor industry jobs.

One of the biggest mistakes that automotive industries may make when recruiting is to use an internal human resources team. Regardless of if the business is small or large, the time, money and resources spent to simply advertise openings could mean that you’re at a loss. Not to mention the fact that the openings may be advertised in the wrong location, meaning that you aren’t able to attract a large scope of potential candidates. Instead, you can use a professional recruitment service to help you with your search.

When using a recruitment service, you only need to pay for what you use. In addition, you’ll have the reassurance that all candidates have previously been vetted. Without having to allocate time to go through CVs or contact potential candidates for interviews, your staff will have more time to focus on building your company and making sure that your clients are taken care of.

We specialise in recruitment for motor industry jobs and can help businesses searching for the best talent in their field. Whether you are searching for sales staff, technicians or apprentices, we can provide you with the perfect recruitment solution. We are skilled at finding high calibre candidates for our clients and dedicate time to understanding their needs completely.

We’re different from any other recruitment agency that you may have encountered before, simply due to the fact that we offer a 6 month guarantee on all placements. If you choose to use a candidate and they turn out to not suit the position, we will be able to find someone else to fill the role. If you would like more information on our services for motor industry jobs, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.