Dealer response times boost conversion rates

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Dealers can “dramatically” improve conversion rates of new cars sales enquiries if they speed up their response time to internet and telephone enquiries to within 48 hours

A quarter, 23.1%, of consumers who were contacted within one week converted to a sale but this dropped to just 2% for those contacted after more than a week, according to research from

Further research among 1,000 car buyers reveals that one in six car buyers will go to another dealer if they call to arrange a test drive or ask for a brochure and don’t get a response back from the dealer within 48 hours.

Chris Green, co-founder and sales director at said: “Dealers have a great opportunity to convert more new car sales enquiries, just by speeding up their response times.

It can make a huge difference to the purchase decision of a potential car buyer, many of whom are used to receiving fast response rates when they are shop for other products and services.

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