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According to many dealers still have poor mobile web strategies and are missing out on sales leads from smartphones .

The classified website has seen visits to its mobile website double in the last 12 months. A sixth of its visits now come from mobile devices.

The firm has also seen a 200 per cent increase in visits from iPads and has already had more visits from mobile devices in January 2012 than in the whole of January 2011.

Dermot Kelleher, head of research and marketing at said: “Our mobile site continues to contribute response at a fast growing rate – traffic to our site from mobile devices has grown exponentially over the last 12 months.

“Perhaps more importantly from a dealer perspective, all stock goes onto our mobile site and our apps, at no extra cost.

“However, many dealers still have ‘poor’ mobile web strategies which mean they are missing out on leads as smartphone users are put off from their sites.”

Kelleher said consumers are increasingly visiting websites from their and iPads and they expect the content and functionality to be as good as if they were visiting the website from their PC.

“If they have a bad experience, they are unlikely to return,” he added