Data security concerns at dealerships could create new jobs

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Security is a major topic when it comes to customer data. With increases in wireless technology more and more devices are making use of the internet to increase usage and flexibility. These same devices and the convenience they offer can create vulnerabilities that can be exploited to steal the information though. As a result more care needs to be taken to ensure they are secure.

Sadly a lot of companies fail to do this. In fact the latest Government Cyber Security Breaches report revealed that an astonishing 74% of small businesses reported that they had experienced an issue in the last year. This reveals the scale of the problem.

One sector where an issue has been detected is the motor trade, specifically in terms of dealerships. These have been earmarked because there is the potential that data for people who have booked test drives is not properly protected. This could therfore be accessed.

More efforts are needed to protect the confidentiality of customers and their data at dealerships. To achieve this though many of them may need to re-evaluate their approach to security. This could even extend to expanding their staff to have personnel in place with skills in this specific area.

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