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We actively seek out and create exciting new opportunities for our registered candidates

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Posting your CV onto a general job’s board is a bold decision and should not be taken without considering the implications. Your CV will be available to 000’s of recruiters across the globe and could easily land somewhere which you didn’t intend.
Yes, it may be super easy, a few swipes of the mouse, 2 or 3 clicks and that’s it, simple. The trouble is, it’s also that easy for a clumsy “resourcer” to download your CV and send it to, well, whomever they want.

We actively seek out and create exciting new opportunities for our registered candidates; we do this discreetly and with care.

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The Gibson automotive network is not a general jobs board, we are automotive specialists, and we take great care of the security and integrity of the network. Of course, if you want us to find you a job, we will need to disclose some details to our clients, your potential employer, about you. However, we are automotive industry recruitment specialists, and we know which aspects of your CV should be disclosed and importantly, what should not.

Getting onto our database is equally as easy, but it’s what happens after that where the magic happens. As part of the sign-up process, you will be asked to agree to our confidentiality terms.

First things first, confidentiality. We ask both the candidate and client to agree to our confidentiality terms. Our confidentiality terms set out the terms of privacy which both candidates and clients sign up to before we start any assignment.

So how do we go about finding you a new career opportunity?

We don’t wait for vacancies; we actively promote the talent on our books.

We send regular communications to our clients about the candidates we are working with and many of clients simply give us a call before they’ve published roles to see if we have suitable candidates in their area. We have the opportunity to get your CV in front of the right people which means that many roles don’t get advertised.

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