Creating Business Opportunities As Solutions To Electric Car Problems

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One of the most significant developments in the automotive sector over the last decade or so has been the rise of electric powered cars. Years of testing and development has paid off to the point that we now have vehicles which can travel a significant distance on one fully charged battery cycle, with the electrical charging now being both efficient and economically viable. One of the few remaining problems that prevent zero emission electric cars being more widely used is the lack of facilities across the country to charge cars. This is something which is being addressed, and further is being done so in a way that shall further expand recruitment requirements.

At present there are only a limited number of places where motorists can sufficiently charge up their electric cars in order to travel for a significant number of miles. Whilst some efforts have been made to provide the service, they have so far not been enough to really encourage the take up of this form of car. We are aware, for example, of a multi storey car park in the North East that has installed charging points for cars to power up as they are parked. Whilst this is highly admirable, sadly only 2 bays feature this – some 0.25% of the capacity of the car park.

This problem is being addressed by a number of people. One chain of motorway stations is exploring the ways in which fair and reasonably priced charging points can be made available. In addition, well known British entrepreneur David Lloyd is currently seeking financing and investors for the installation of dedicated electric car points across the country. A wider availability of charging stations is considered crucial to further promoting the use of electric cars to motorists. The creation of a network of charging spots would also directly create more opportunities in terms of available motor trade jobs.

The way in which the British motor industry has addressed the problems associated with electric cars is quite remarkable. The solution is one which not only makes charging more convenient for owners; it also creates the opportunity and potential for new jobs and careers. It is fair to say that this is an example of the how and why the work which has transformed the British automotive sector into such a remarkable success story.