Coping with increased technology in the automotive industry

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Technology has become firmly embedded in daily life, and this can clearly be seen through the facts and figures which have emerged from the automotive industry. Over the course of the last decade the amount of software, electronics and technology in cars has greatly increased. This figure is likely to increase even more dramatically over the next decade, with over 90% of all new features and innovative designs for cars coming in the form of new technology and electronic, software driven designs. This is a result of designers seeking to embrace technology to enhance designs and to meet the demands and expectations of consumers. One of the effects has been to change the dynamics of automotive jobs, altering their definition.

When people think of motor industry jobs there’s a natural inclination to consider mechanics, engineers and assembly line workers. These are important and vital to the sector, and traditionally have always formed the bulk of the workforce. However, the dynamic is changing, with a growing demand for IT and electronics specialists in the industry. As the amount of technology in cars increases, there is a growing need for exceptional and talented staff. Beyond this, it is also essential that new staff have the ability to blend in with and adapt to the culture of the business.

We focus on automotive jobs, and can find the right IT and electronics staff to meet the requirements of your business. With our candidate profile and assessment services, we make sure that candidates recommended to companies can not simply just do the job but will also flourish in the business environment and contribute to overall growth.

The increasing presence of technology in cars has seen the dynamics of staffing requirements shift considerably, but we always move with the times so we can keep on bringing our clients the very best. Our unique approach to automotive recruitment means that we are able to find and recommend the staff you need for sustained, long term success.