Contributing to the strength of the British car industry

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For anyone who remembers the terrible decline of the British motor industry in the 70s and 80s, it’s all the most gratifying to see the industry not only back on its feet, but going from strength to strength. By focusing on professional motor trade recruitment, we were at the forefront of building the British motor industry back up to its best, contributing to its current status as a leader in the national economy.

Our founder, John Gibson, identified that there were crucial weaknesses in the existing automotive recruitment process. In general terms, there was basically a “first come, first served” approach. Little or no thought was given to the long term suitability or sustainability of candidates, which led to a high turnover of jobs and a crippling lack of consistency and continuity in the performance of companies.

What we introduced to automotive and motor trade recruitment was a sense of long term thinking and planning. As important as skills, qualifications and abilities are, it is also essential to make sure an individual will adapt and become a committed member of the team at a company. This is essential for sustained higher performance levels and success. Our motor trade recruitment services make sure that candidates and potential employees have the right skills, personality and approach that will work for the benefit of a company, and not against the way they currently run.

Having very nearly lost it all together, we are confident in saying that all agree it’s good to have the British motor industry strong and back where it belongs as an important contributor to our economy. To continue this success, it is important to make sure staff requirements are met with the absolute best choice of employee available. We are proud to offer the complete services needed to ensure this happens.