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Following the announcement of its fifth year of growth and a 5% increase in pre-tax profits to £2.6 billion, Jaguar Land Rover is undoubtedly one of Britain’s biggest export successes. The company has sold almost 500,000 vehicles over this five-year period, with more than eight out of ten of these cars being sold overseas. During the last financial year the company unveiled three new Jaguar models, revenues reached £21.9 billion and the sales and employment figures doubled.

In October 2014 Jaguar Land Rover opened a new manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton, as manufacturing also began in China. December of that year also saw the construction of a new plant begin in Brazil, and the number of people currently employed by the company in the UK stands at 30,000. Jaguar Land Rover have recently revealed their plans to establish a new factory in eastern Europe with the intention of challenging high-end German competitors. The significant expansion of the company has been attributed to the widespread popularity of the Range Rover vehicles, and new reports also suggest the possible openings of production facilities at sites in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The last twelve months have seen the company substantially expand their vehicle ranges along with their manufacturing footprint. Jaguar Land Rover have declared their dedication to achieving further growth in the future as well as successfully maintaining the consistent introduction of new models and innovative technologies.

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