Continued sales growth shows the health of the UK automotive sector

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August was a strong month for vehicle sales in the UK, marking the 42nd consecutive month of growth in the industry. The rise for August was 9.6%, taking the total number of new car registrations to 1.6 million for the last eight months. This number is the highest since 2007, exceeding expectations, and further growth is already being predicted.

The interesting thing about the figures is that the sales of ‘alternatively fuelled vehicles’ are up. This shows that consumer trends are changing as people become more and more interested in cleaner energy sources. Although hybrid and electric cars still only account for 2.4% of the total market, the growth rate has been an impressive 52%, showing that this market could have fantastic potential for the future.

Commercial vehicle sales are also up with 17,350 new registrations showing 15% growth in sales. This is a great result, particularly at a time when there is economic uncertainty in a number of markets. It shows that companies and consumers are looking to the long term and expecting conditions to stabilise and improve.

The continued growth in sales can be traced to three major factors. The first is that interest rates remain low so people can purchase new vehicles for affordable monthly fees. The second is that companies are offering more and more attractive added extras like extended warranties and service packages. A final factor is that many people held off buying a new vehicle during the economic crisis in 2008. Those people are now more confident of making their purchase in the current conditions.

The growth could lead to more automotive jobs being created, particularly sales positions as garages need to ensure they have enough staff to deal with demand and to offer the right level of service. There could also be additional manufacturing jobs and positions associated with the administrative side of the business. If the trend continues it could see the automotive sector secure its position as one of the biggest employers in the UK.

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