Consumers must have confidence in sales staff

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Research carried out by has revealed that success in the automotive sales sector lies in the strength of the four Rs: reputation, relationships, recommendations and rapport. When it comes to choosing cars, many buyers cite confidence in their dealer as a strong influence on their decision.

The survey focused on the buying habits of UK drivers, and found that they were influenced by having previously heard of the dealer, recommendations from other buyers, and whether they were able to establish a good rapport with them.

Putting cost and choice of model aside, the majority of customers also saw honesty, confidence in the sales person and a good customer experience as important factors. The results also showed that the average consumer spends hours researching vehicles before visiting a dealership, so by the time they get there they have usually already decided which models will fulfil their needs. The upshot is that dealers can greatly benefit from structuring their services and helping customers validate their decision in order to successfully close sales.

There are many ways dealers can improve the experience for customers. These include fitting test drives around their schedules and offering a balanced online and offline service. The aim is to strengthen the confidence of potential customers and create a positive car buying experience. The findings show that by delivering helpful and pleasant customer service, employees responsible for sales can help their dealership build a solid reputation and secure valuable customer recommendations.

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