Considering the future of vehicular powertrains

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On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th of February the Future Powertrain Conference 2016 will be held at the National Motorcycling Museum in Solihull, West Midlands. The show will include presentations, discussions and demonstrations of technology to show how powertrains are advancing. The event is sure to be incredibly interesting, particularly when we consider how pivotal the powertrain is to vehicles and how much money has been invested already in research and development. It is also a good opportunity for industrial and academic experts to come together to share ideas.

The Conference takes on extra significance with the news that the demand for powertrain engineers in the UK has reached an all time high. Talent is being snapped up quickly because so many companies are looking for the latest breakthroughs so they can make a huge impact in the industry. There is high demand for personnel with specialist knowledge, including those who work with diesel and gasoline technology as well as modern electric and hybrid systems.

As companies strive to develop the powertrains of the future, they should cast a careful eye at the current conditions and the prospect of recruitment challenges in the near future. Traditional skills such as development and calibration could be a particular worry because the emergence of new technologies has reduced the number of people seeking them. This could leave companies struggling to recruit and fill roles.

Automotive recruitment specialists are advising companies to plan ahead for the future and consider what shape the labour market will be in if they need to recruit. It is already being suggested that traditional approaches to recruiting and standard job specifications may lead to issues because they are too reactive and rigid. The shortage of skills and high demand for candidates will mean that roles need to be increasingly diverse and flexible.

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