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An abundance of investors throughout the UK automotive industry are continuing to show confidence in a dealership property market that is dominated by premium brands. Figures reveal that premium brands accounted for 72% of the £135 million transacted last year. This works out at a staggering £84 million. Extensive research carried out by Automotive Property Consultant discovered that BMW was the biggest premium brand in dealership property deals, as it was responsible for 26% of transactions by value. It was closely followed by Jaguar Land Rover at 24%.

Mercedes-Benz was in third place, taking 14% of the market, with Lexus, Audi and Honda accounting for the remaining value. The overall investment in auto dealerships over the last ten years totals over an incredible £1.4 billion across the UK. This surge in demand shows no signs of dissipating and the demand for vehicles remains high. The prospects and projected forecasts look very good and it is predicted that automotive dealerships will remain an attractive investment.

Dealerships are just one area of the automotive sector that continues to soar. The industry has seen monumental recovery from the financial crash and we are now experiencing a high demand for specialised individuals that can successfully contribute to an ever evolving and expanding sector. Premium cars and dealerships need premium employees. From engineers and mechanics to sales experts and senior management, there is an obligation to equip every establishment with quality candidates.

We are the recruitment specialists that the sector calls on for skilled, qualified and innovative individuals. We have been perfecting our techniques for many years and we are the one stop solution for clients in need of new employees and candidates looking for motor trade jobs. Our thorough process is underpinned by experience and extensive industry knowledge. We implement in depth interviews and we utilise first class personality testing, filling the demanding roles that are prevalent in the automotive sector. We commit our time and resources to our clients and we offer full assistance to every person in search of satisfying and suitable motor trade jobs.