Clear career paths can make motor industry jobs more attractive

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New data from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) shows just how hard the sector finds it to recruit the best graduates. According to the details, of the 540,000 students who graduated in 2015 only 240 took up jobs in the motor industry. The majority of these were employed by manufacturers.

The figure is alarming, particularly when considering that the total number of jobs associated with the motor industry is 770,000. Of these 570,000, almost three quarters, are retail. You would expect a much higher number of graduates to be taking up careers in the sector and many more to be focused on retailing rather than the majority in manufacturing.

One thing that many employers have been doing to increase the attractiveness of motor industry jobs is to create clear career patha. They do this by setting out what training and development opportunities are available and how people can progress.

The above has proven to be very popular at JCT600. The car dealers offer development at every level of their business, supporting both managerial and non-managerial staff so they can make progress. They offer things like an advanced leadership programme that helps people to learn the skills they need to move on with their career.

The investment in training and development not only makes the motor industry jobs JCT600 offers more attractive. It also provides benefits for the business when they come to recruiting, giving the option to look internally for appointments. This is great for the future of the business and also offers cost savings.

With clear career paths and advancement opportunities staff are more likely to remain with a business. This retention is fantastic and really pays off for companies. It means they can invest in talent with confidence they will see the benefit rather than run the risk of employees moving to other companies.

At John Gibson Associates we support businesses with filling motor industry jobs of any size and scale. We can offer very useful advice as well as our formal services.