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Finding the right people to fill job vacancies is a constant challenge for businesses, particularly when you consider the level of competition in the market. Companies are all competing to find the most talented individuals for motor trader recruitment, particularly for those roles which require specialist skills or experience. This means companies need to carefully plan how their adverts are presented and where they appear.

Technology has revolutionised the way people find information about job openings. A quick search online and you can find countless job boards, recruitment agencies and companies advertising their own roles. Social media has also provided an additional channel to utilise so it is easier to reach out to individuals. Traditional printed adverts in newspapers and magazines are still important but have limited reach compared to digital channels.

The channel you choose to advertise positions will depend on the type of role you have available and the audience you are looking to reach. Industries are probably better served by advertising on sites specifically for their sector or even the market itself. This will go some way towards ensuring people with the right skills apply. Retail jobs are much broader so are best served by appearing on popular job boards where they will get the most attention.

Advertising on more than one channel is the best option if you want to attract a wide cross section of applicants. Doing this means you stand a better chance of getting the right candidates because you’ll have a very wide audience to draw from.

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