Changing trends can have a big impact on motor trade jobs

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The motor trade is incredibly dynamic and can experience rapid change in a short space of time. Even long term trends can be reversed relatively quickly, creating big challenges for different businesses in the industry. This is being seen in terms of after-sales, particularly when it comes to servicing.

For several years independent garages have enjoyed a fair share of clients because there are no rules that a vehicle must be serviced at the franchised dealership where it was purchased. As a result people could search for the best deals and find great value for money. This also created competition between providers, driving down prices.

Dealerships reacted to this by offering new package deals on vehicles. Many of them now offer servicing for a number of years free of charge or at big discounts to help encourage people to buy from them. This leads drivers to the dealership when they need to have a vehicle serviced. New vehicles also typically come with extended warranties so they are protected, reducing the number of people seeking servicing and repair work.

The Trend Tracker identified that the reversal in fortunes is taking place, seeing franchised dealers taking market share from independents. It also forecast that the total repair and servicing market would fall by 11% by 2019.

The changes in the market and shift back to dealerships when it comes to servicing and repairs are having an impact on motor trade jobs. Many franchises are looking to recruit new staff so they can keep up with servicing and repair demands, ensuring they don’t have long waiting lists and potentially send customers elsewhere.

At John Gibson Associates we always look for factors and trends that could have an impact on motor trade jobs. By doing so we are in a position to offer the best advice to our clients, ensuring they have the staff they need and can recruit new ones efficiently if roles become available. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us.