The changing role of a vehicle repair technician

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In a previous article we discussed how the skill requirements of engineers had changed over the last few years, particularly in the automotive sector. The same is true of vehicle repair technicians. They are charged with the upkeep and maintenance of a variety of vehicles and as a result have to deal with the new technologies featured in them. Their skills need to expand a great deal in response to this.

Repairing vehicles today is at once an easier and more challenging job. This may be a strange concept to grasp but it is accurate. Technicians now have access to more technology than ever and can use computers to run diagnostics on vehicles. These can help to find problems and even fix them if the issue is caused by software. In order to do this they need to have the right skills and training.

Alongside the more advanced skills vehicle technicians also need the traditional ones that have been required in the sector for decades. The technician will need to do everything from changing oil to replacing tyres and conducting inspections. This means they require more training than before and a higher set of qualifications.

Repair technicians are highly sought throughout the automotive industry because their services are so vital in the safe continued running of vehicles. The role can give people the chance to build a great career and earn fantastic rewards in terms of salary and advancement opportunities.

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