Changing consumer trends based on fuel preferences

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The latest figures show that consumers are continuing to shift from diesel to vehicles powered by petrol and electric. This trend highlights that people are increasingly looking for technology that has a smaller impact on the environment. The statistics show that the change in behaviour has been occurring for over a year. Ultimately the switch could have a big impact on motor trade jobs.

The headline figure is that the number of diesel cars sold saw a dip of around a fifth in a single month in May 2017. Year on year the number is down from just shy of 102,000 in May 2016 to 81,489 last month. This is a substantial drop and shows how much attitudes have changed.

Already in 2017 nearly 100,000 more petrol-powered cars have been sold than diesel ones. This accounts to more than half of the total market share. At the same time diesel-powered cars amount for the smallest share they have had for several years at 44%.

In the same period, May 2016 to last month, the number of electric vehicles sold has seen a huge 47% increase. This shows that more people are choosing the sustainability and green benefits on offer with electricity. The growth has seen the technology earn a growing share of the market.

The SMMT has issued a statement in support of diesel in this period as well. They point to the investment that has gone in to making the newest vehicles with this power source the cleanest and safest possible.

Whether the trend continues or diesel sees a growth in popularity again in the future it is clear that consumers in the UK have a lot of choice. This in turn leads to a more diverse selection of motor trade jobs.

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