Cars of the future will aim for zero fatality rates

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For many years now, the automotive industry has taken an innovative approach to vehicular features based on a variety of factors such as consumer trends, safety concerns, and the position of the market. The industry has progressed to such an extent in recent years that it is now on the verge of integrating health, wellness and wellbeing (HWW) into cars. It is expected that non-critical HWW features such as mood lighting and reconfigurable seats will be standard features in 30 to 40% of cars by 2018, with features such as blood pressure monitoring expected to appear in almost 5% of vehicles by 2025.

New analysis indicates that major original equipment manufacturers from around the globe are consistently devising strategies to include built-in or cloud-enabled health monitoring systems in cars as standard, optional or advanced features. The initial wave of HWW will concentrate on measuring and monitoring to benefit drivers and passengers with the early detection of ailments and emergency assistance.

The automotive industry is aiming to successfully achieve its zero-accident goal by using synergistic technologies that support the advancement of autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. As a result of continuous technological developments, it is predicted that there will be a shift in the delivery of healthcare services to locations outside hospitals. It is anticipated that vehicles and smart homes will become new points for monitoring and basic diagnosis, as well as general communication with people regarding their health. With this in mind, cars of the future are likely to be designed based on the age and health conditions of their drivers and passengers.

Many agencies, such as the European New Car Assessment Programme, are attempting to provide assessment services and standardise safety technologies in vehicles. The efforts of these agencies reflect the importance of lifesaving technologies in comparison to other vehicular features. These agencies will continue to nurture the emergence of the HWW market in the worldwide automotive industry.

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