Candidates will have greater power in 2016

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CV-Library, the largest job site in the UK, has released some interesting data about the condition of the UK’s job market in 2015. The news seems to be largely positive, particularly the information that there was an average wage increase of 4.4% throughout the year. The automotive industry experienced one of the highest growth levels, coming in third behind construction and media.

There was also a 19.1% rise in jobs overall, which shows the jobs market is starting off 2016 in a strong position. Although London still offers more jobs than any other UK city, the report shows that there has been huge job growth in areas outside the capital in the past year, with cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester leading the way.

CV-Library have stated that they expect candidates to have greater power than ever before this year, with more options giving them the ability to be picky about the positions they apply for. This means that there is a much greater chance of candidates finding roles where they can make the most of their talents and enjoy job satisfaction, leading to successful long term employment.

The data has also indicated that the skills shortage will continue and that many businesses will struggle to find staff with the talents and qualifications needed for the job. Although this is good news for qualified candidates, it does mean that recruitment will become tougher for many businesses. This is one of the issues we seek to address with our motor trade recruitment services.

All of the signs indicate that the UK’s job market is getting stronger as the economy continues to grow, and we know that there are plenty of great opportunities in the exciting and dynamic automotive sector. Professional recruitment services such as ours have been a major contributing factor to the continued growth and success of the industry, and we will continue to work hard to match the right candidates with the right roles.