Business Fleets Stimulate Automotive Success

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The most recent figures released show that sustained levels of success are being experienced across the UK automotive industry. May 2016 saw new registrations rise again, with a 2.5% increased recorded on a year to year measurement. Whilst this figure is impressive in itself, it should be noted that the actual number of cars registered was the highest for the month since 2002, a fact which again gives every indication of sustainability being in place.

A closer look at the car registration numbers from May 2016 reveals a particularly interesting area of growth. Business fleet registrations grew by nearly 10% during this month. This has been responsible for much of the overall increase. Whilst this is positive for the automotive sector in itself, in a broader perspective this increase is of great importance as it illustrates the general level of growth across the entire economy.

The term business fleet refers to anywhere between 10 and 50 vehicles which are used by a company for commercial purposes. In terms of this, the vehicles range in use from the delivery of goods through to enabling sales executives to visit clients. They are an essential part of the logistics of many businesses, and as mentioned earlier the growth in demand for this type of vehicle reflects a very welcome level of growth in economic activity across the nation.

It is important to understand that the increase in demand for business fleet vehicles does not in itself make the sale of them possible. Virtually every stage of the automotive industry must rise to meet the challenge of ensuring supply. Manufacturing, supply and sales must all be ready to not only satisfy demand levels but to encourage further growth too. This is, as the figures clearly illustrate, exactly what has happened in the UK.

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