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Whilst the automotive industry reflects on a successful 2014, we are looking ahead to helping build further success in 2015 and beyond. Our approach to automotive recruitment and motor trade jobs has undoubtedly assisted and encouraged the healthy state of the industry, and we look forward to contributing further in the years ahead.

The approach that we have brought to the automotive industry has a proven track record of success. By carrying out informed and position specific personality and suitability tests, we have ensured that successful, long term appointments have been made. This has benefited the industry as it has brought the stability required for long term strategic business planning, and it has of course allowed many people working in the industry to flourish and achieve great success. With many high profile and prominent success stories in this regard, we are proud of how our approach to automotive recruitment has helped advance the industry.

The evidence for this success is seen in the consistent growth of the UK automotive industry over the last few years, and the impressive plans and expectations in the years ahead. The overwhelming majority of UK car manufacturers have indicated that they will be creating new jobs in the UK over the next two years, with an anticipated figure of 50,000 new positions being in place by the end of 2016. We are of course pleased to see that the industry we are committed to doing so well. Beyond that, we are of course also ready to face the challenges of ensuring that the best of candidates are selected to fill the new vacancies for motor trade jobs.

In the 25 years we have been established, our reputation has become so strong that a number of prestigious companies in the field use us exclusively to provide new employees. The major companies with automotive jobs available know that candidates we represent meet a very high calibre of standards and qualifications, and further know that we would not put them forward for a position we were not convinced they would be successful in. By the same margin, of course, candidates we represent know that being associated with us carries great weight with potential employees.

The automotive industry is a significant contributor to the British economy. Its long term sustainability and success depends on considered, informed and well planned appointments being made. We are proud to be at the forefront of ensuring this happens, dealing with all types of motor trade jobs throughout the industry.