Brush up on your interview skills

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So you’ve been short-listed for a job and they want to meet you for an interview. Although it is not possible to predict exactly what will happen, there are a few classic questions which are often asked in a job interview. It is important to practice your people skills before diving head first into an interview with a prospective employer.

One of the most common questions heard in interviews is something along the lines of “what can you bring to the company/role?” This question presents the perfect opportunity for you to summarise what it is that you can bring. This is why it’s important to really research the company before coming to the interview. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to answer the question as thoroughly as possible.

We recommend that you select three of your best attributes that fit the company’s requirements before you enter the interview. These could be qualities such as great communication skills, ability to lead a team, expert project management, or a specific practical skill which could be useful to the company. Study your CV and make sure that you include your attributes in there and highlight your personal achievements. Think about previous instances when you have learned from a situation or role and how you could apply that knowledge to your new position.

Whether you’re a job-seeker searching for your perfect position or a company looking to fill an open role, we are dedicated to helping you. We focus on motor trade recruitment which makes us the ideal choice to help you find the right role or employee in this exciting sector.