British car owners love investing in vehicle aftercare

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The automotive industry in the UK is one of the largest in the economy. One thing that contributes a huge amount to it is the fact that British car owners are immensely passionate about maintenance and ensuring that their vehicles are properly looked after. This supports a lot of businesses and motor trade jobs.

Recent figures from a report by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show just how much drivers in the UK are likely to spend on their cars each year. They found that each owner will pay an average of £695.39 annually on repairs and maintenance. This is 12% more than the global average.

The vehicle aftercare market in the UK is huge, contributing over £12 billion to the economy every single year. There are thousands of businesses involved, and over 345,000 people working in the industry.

The SMMT report points out that businesses in the aftercare market will need to be aware of changes in the industry and adapt to them if they want to continue to be successful. This could lead businesses to look at what services drivers in the future will need and explore how they can satisfy their needs. In many cases they may need to look at recruiting to ensure they have the right staff numbers to meet demands.

At John Gibson Associates we have to be equally aware of changing demands and behaviours in the motor trade. This allows us to adapt our service to ensure we can offer the best support with recruitment for businesses throughout the industry. This is one of our core commitments and an area we put a great deal of effort into.

If you are a business involved in vehicle aftercare and need help addressing your staffing requirements you can rely on us to help. We have a unique approach, building a database of candidates that we can put forward for roles. This allows us to look closely at applicants and ensure they are suited for roles. We can speed up the recruitment process for you and offer outstanding candidates.