Britain’s motor industry is booming

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Whereas many believe we should be cautious in considering the UK economy to be in a growth period, the facts and figures emerging from the automotive sector are only saying one thing. In terms of vehicles and cars, Britain truly is booming once again, meaning that the signs are showing motor trade jobs are on the up. All of the information and figures released show that we can indeed be confident in continued growth in this sector. This growth, of course, means a great need for qualified, dedicated staff to be employed and ensure success. AT John Gibson Associates we have long held the name of being the best in the business to ensure the finest staff are employed.

The best way to understand the remarkable growth in this UK industry – and of course to see the increase in motor trade jobs – is to look at the facts and figures. As of July 2014, the number of cars sold has once again increased on a month-to-month analysis; the 29th consecutive month in which this figure has grown. Analysts currently predict that the overall number of cars sold for 2014 will reach 2.5 million, with some 250,000 of those being brand new cars.

Of equal importance is the level of cars manufactured in and exported from the UK. Since 2010, five million cars have been manufactured and exported. As the average price of these vehicles have doubled in a five year period, the importance of this to our economy should not be underestimated. Beyond the highly important flow of money into our economy as a result of these increased exports, the stimulation and growth of the automotive jobs market ensures a high level of economic stability is in place.

At John Gibson Associates we are understandably proud to have contributed to the success story of the UK automotive industry. Our dedication to helping companies find the right staff and helping jobseekers to find the ideal position has, we believe, been instrumental in the success of many companies we have worked with. We were pioneers in delivering an in-depth, involved and strategic method of automotive recruitment processes to the industry.

We are the leading choice for motor industry companies to use in order to find the best and most sought after staff for their positions. As a consequence, those seeking either a new career path or a change in their existing career know that being represented by us means they are acknowledged as being the best in their field. Our methods are tried, tested and proven to ensure the best candidates are recommended to the finest companies, something which brings prosperous success to both the employer and employee and, as we have seen, helps to boost our economy overall.