Britain is home to numerous specialist component makers serving the motor industry

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The British motor industry is one of the most renowned in the whole world. The products manufactured here have a fantastic reputation, from the finished vehicles to the smallest components. This is why they are seen all around the world and why the sector is currently so strong.

Specialist component makers in the UK come in all shapes and sizes, from the largest teams to small businesses serving a particular niche market. The whole industry is worth an impressive estimated £4.3 billion per year. The success of this field in particular is why the motor industry as a whole is enjoying such impressive growth.

There are over 2,000 component manufacturers based across the UK employing in excess of 78,000 people. These businesses provide products for all kinds of clients, including front line car makers such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin. The success of these companies is an indication of how great British engineering is and the amount of innovations that take place here.

Large front line vehicle manufacturers choose to work with specialist component makers because they have expertise and can create products to suit a wide array of specifications. They have more flexibility and can focus on creating an innovative design that meets the highest quality standards. On top of this they can also create spare parts for vehicles when they are needed. There is always big demand for these so companies can enjoy great stability.

Component makers constantly push technological boundaries, helping to take the whole motor industry forward. They invest in resources to help them achieve this, including the right equipment and a skilled workforce.

The industry is facing a problem though; a skills shortage is looming. This puts pressure on businesses to ensure they recruit the right people in a timely manner. Fortunately at John Gibson Associates we can help businesses to determine their requirements and find the right people to take up the motor industry jobs they create. As a result we can play our part in helping performance to continue and even reach the next level in many cases.