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A future in the automotive industry can certainly give a boost to your career prospects. The industry is a key part of Britain’s economy, contributing several billion annually to the country’s coffers. It is certainly one of our most treasured industries, having spawned automotive icons such as Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Aston Martin, and its importance certainly should not be understated. Though finding motor industry jobs can be a challenge, our recruitment experts are here to help.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a shortage in certain key skills and sectors. This is perhaps the most obvious in the engineering sector. Automotive technology is advancing at a rapid rate, but there simply aren’t enough skilled engineers out there to fit these advanced components or even to help construct the cars. It is because of this shortage that initiatives are being run by companies such as Nissan to attract younger generations into motor industry jobs, and engineering roles in particular. Those who are experienced or educated in engineering should certainly have an easier time getting hired within the industry, as their skills are sought after.

If you’re struggling to find the right motor industry jobs and want to develop the relevant skills in a more hands-on manner, then an apprenticeship is a sure-fire way of breaking into the industry. Apprenticeships are aimed at those in further education, or just leaving further education, who need a practical means of gaining skills. An apprenticeship essentially provides an individual with a placement in a certain company, allowing them to learn on the job. It’s often combined with a learning course to give an increase to its efficiency in teaching the students the skills needed to succeed in the industry.

If you already have the skills and/or the experience, then our team of recruitment experts can help you with finding the right job. We take on candidates of all levels of skills and experience and review their CVs before interviewing them and ensuring that they are the best candidate for the position that they are applying for. We can help you to get started within the industry and ensure that you get the right position for you and your skills. Whether you are a company looking to take on apprentices and skilled employees, or you are in search of the next step in your career, we can help you to make the right decisions and enjoy the most positive recruitment experience.