Boosting automotive manufacturing in the North East

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The North East of England is already synonymous with car manufacturing and automotive jobs thanks to the successful Nissan plant in Sunderland. This success has brought more attention to the region, and has led to the creation of a new organisation that seeks to attract more businesses and improve regional competitiveness. It also aims to reduce the supply chain, offering savings to manufacturers if they choose to base operations here.

The NEAA (North East Automotive Alliance) brings together representatives from multiple businesses including Nissan, Komatsu and Hyperdrive. The cooperation will help to make the region as a whole more attractive when it comes to winning orders from the UK and internationally. It will also improve training standards to help manufacturers overcome barriers in their markets.

The Alliance will be based in Sunderland and brings together many fantastic resources. They are already working in partnership with the Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO) as they both have similar goals in terms of attracting investment to the UK. An NEAA launch event is expected for March 27th where benefits of membership will be on show, including collaboration and networking opportunities between manufacturers and designers.

It is hoped that the NEAA will bring more investment and automotive jobs to the North East, especially if they are successful in attracting new business. The region is already renowned for the highly skilled labour market and engineering excellence so the new organisation can only help to improve matters further.

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