BMW bets on iNext in sales race with Mercedes.

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BMW given a glimpse of its futuristic self-driving iNext car as the automotive business looks to gain momentum in the race to overtake rival Mercedes-Benz luxury sales.

The company will offer a more contrite concept of the vehicle this year. Officials at the company’s annual shareholder meeting have said, more models will follow the iNext which is due to be in show rooms in 2021. BMW are aiming to combine key technologies for future mobility in order to create a fully electric, fully connected, safe and autonomous driving experience.

Along with this, BMW is looking to rekindle customer excitement after a few subdued years seeing Mercedes take the lead in luxury car sales with a replenished model lineup featuring vehicles such as the GLC, SUV and the reworked sporty A Class. However BMW will be bringing out a record of 40 new and replenished models, half of which will be coming on market this year with a predominant focus on SUV models, similar to the all-new X2 concept.

As BMW are rolling out its record model line, it’s also refurbishing its EV production, in the result of increased pressure to meet new emission targets. In order to finance the costly investment spree that’s raising to record 7 billion euros, BMW is bookending its push with high-end vehicles such as the 8 series, which will be available in 6 derivatives including the M8 Gran Coupe.

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