BMW announces plans for world’s first self-parking car

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BMW is set to become the very first manufacturer to produce cars that find parking spaces for themselves. The company has launched a major collaboration with leading analyst providers INRIX to launch the industry’s first revolutionary on-street parking solution. The planned project will enable BMW cars to analyse location data, pricing, local rules and real-time traffic and mobile data in order to allow drivers to locate available parking spaces.

The innovation of BMW continues to flourish with the planned introduction of the world’s first self parking car. The new BMW 7 series works with remote key fob technology that allows automatic movement despite the car being unmanned by a human being. The invention has the potential to ease the stress and strain of parking for drivers everywhere. The self-parking system allows the car to take complete control of the steering, brakes, accelerator and gear changes.

Passenger free technology is not entirely new, as we have previously seen other car manufacturers produce technology that allows users to park a vehicle via the use of their smartphone. The 13 electric car from BMW currently boasts self-parking features, as do many Volvos and Audis, but the new 7 series will be the first to let you park the car after you have exited. The simple process involves simply positioning the vehicle near a garage or available space, stepping outside and activating the fob. The car will then use the various sensors located around its body to successfully park itself. The car is due to hit the market next year and is predicted to further boost BMW sales figures and create more employment opportunities.

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