BEN offers support for people who have lost their jobs as a result of the collapse of Unipart Automotive

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BEN, the specialist charity for the automotive industry, has urged former employees of Unipart Automotive to come to them for advice and support. When the car parts supplier collapsed into insolvency, 1,250 people lost their jobs, leaving many of them facing uncertain and stressful futures. In difficult times like these many people don’t know who to talk to and get help from. BEN is proud to support people affected by this issue, assist them in getting things in order and helping them to consider their plans for the future.

The professional support services on offer at BEN include help claiming for Jobseekers Allowance, short term financial assistance and advice about managing financial commitments. They also provide information about automotive recruitment specialists to get in touch with regarding new jobs. Many of these employees have specialist skills that are in demand. Contacting recruiters quickly is important because it will get you straight into looking for a new role; by working with motor trade recruitment specialists such as John Gibson Associates, you can optimise your chances of finding your next role in the automotive industry.

All of the support services BEN offers are confidential and they can be customised to suit the needs of each individual. They understand that everybody has their own commitments and needs but they have the flexibility and drive to help. Safeguarding ex-employees is one of BEN’s biggest priorities and goes to show just how much they care.

Ex-employees of Unipart Automotive can contact BEN by phone at 01344 876770, text 07781472622, email [email protected] or visit their website for details. They have already helped a number of employees and are committed to offering as much support as is needed. Everything you discuss with them is held in confidence and there is a great deal of help available. They are completely independent so they will always seek to provide the best support for each individual based on their situation.