BCA is redeveloping its Bedford facility

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British Car Auctions (BCA) has grown to become one of the leading used car vehicle marketplaces in the whole of Europe. The company has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 1946 and now operates in 13 different countries. Each year they sell around 1 million vehicles.

BCA continues to grow and is planning to create 300 new motor trade jobs with the expansion of their auction centre in Bedford. A former brickworks on a ten acre plot adjacent to the existing facility will be redeveloped as part of the work. In its place will be a new facility for valeting, appraising, and imaging vehicles, de-fleet and vehicle storage.

One of the best parts of the planned development is the creation of a two storey training facility, meeting rooms, and offices. These state of the art facilities will allow BCA to deliver better services to their clients whilst also taking a more active role in training new staff. It is hoped both will help to improve standards.

The current plan is to complete work on the new site by September 2017. BCA will likely be looking to start their recruitment drive before then to ensure they have people ready to take up new roles once facilities are ready.

BCA’s ongoing investment in the UK shows their confidence in the market and commitment to delivering the best possible service. The expansion of their services will improve efficiency and allow them to manage vehicles throughout their lifecycle, including in de-fleet. It also keeps many more aspect in-house to provide invaluable economies of scale and savings.

With such a wide array of new facilities the 300 motor trade jobs will be very diverse. As a result they will prove to be attractive to a much wider audience of applicants. This could provide a lot of benefits for the company, including giving them a team with a much broader array of skills.