Award-winning Ford prioritises customer satisfaction

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Ford of Britain were presented with the accolade for Manufacturer of the Year at the recent AM awards. This was a result of the excellent standard of engineering, dynamics and technology that the company has delivered to the mainstream. Ford has introduced a broad selection of products targeted a range of consumers, from the first-time vehicle buyer to the premium brand down-sizer. As an undeniably dominant force in the automotive industry, Ford has set out on a mission to strategically develop an innovative range of vehicles with added value for its customer base.

Ford prides itself on being equally sales and customer orientated. The automotive sector is dependent on customer loyalty and Ford has focused on delivering a service that offers its customers exactly what they need. There are over 5 million UK drivers with Ford vehicles and the manufacturer has embraced its social responsibility for these consumers.

Modern life is packed with responsibilities, with more people working and running their own businesses as well as taking care of families. Ford has recognised its obligation to assist its customers with an efficient customer service that makes their lives as motorists stress-free and simple.

The retail network is one of the most integral aspects and the company ensures its employees and dealers have every capability of serving the needs of customers and offering the highest standard of care. Ford is aiming to gain the trust, affection and loyalty of its customer base which means establishing an enduring relationship.

Ford’s efforts to enhance its network of support include Transit 24, a service that offers early morning and late night servicing for LVCs and mobile service vans in partnership with TrustFord in London that provide maintenance at the customer’s chosen location. The company has also extended the opening hours of its UK based customer relationship centre as well as increasing the time taken to resolve complaints.

Ford’s attempts to compete with the expectations of its customer base also include equipping its cars with advanced technology such as perpendicular parking assistance, connectivity through its Sync system and active city stop to reduce incidents of urban collision.

Ford’s commitment to its customers and the future of vehicular technology reflects the continued development of the automotive industry. The business demands skilled professionals in every department from design and technology to management and dealership services. We specialise in finding the finest candidates for motor trade jobs, and we offer a professional automotive recruitment service to clients and candidates alike.