Autonomous cars will be welcomed by most British motorists

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A recent survey has discovered that 78% of British motorists are comfortable with autonomous cars and are eagerly awaiting their arrival. The survey was conducted globally by the world’s largest vehicle management group Leaseplan and highlighted the UK’s position as the nation fourth most at ease with the idea of autonomous driving.

The three countries with slightly higher percentages were Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. The results have been welcomed by the automotive industry as definitive plans to pilot the technology have recently been announced.

There was a time when the technology was viewed as futuristic and unlikely in the present day but the reality of autonomous vehicles draws ever nearer. Several plans to test have been put in place in London and Greenwich and other areas that have received the green light for their projects include Bristol and Coventry.

Leaseplan gathered information from respondents across Europe, India, Australia and America in 2014 regarding their reluctance or enthusiasm about the new method of travel. 57% stated they would be happy to be passengers albeit slightly nervous. An additional 14% of those surveyed said they would have no issue at all and were very much looking forward to the arrival of the technology. In the UK, 16% of respondents said they were completely confident about the cars with 62% admitting to being a little nervous but very interested.

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