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In general demand for staff is on the up and in the last three months there has a marked increase for such a demand according to KPMG. The Chancellor, in his Autumn statement, was positive in his Statement laying out long term plans that focus on ensuring the UK economy continues to grow. 


According to SMMT figures, there are around 720,000 people employed in the automotive industry

140,000 of these work directly in manufacturing who have created more than 19000 new jobs at facilities and the supply chain over the last two years. 


Although women in the USA work in 25% of the jobs in the motor industry, the UK sadly lack behind that, with probably only 7% of jobs made up by women. 

With few statistics in the UK relating to women in the auto industry, the USA understand the empathy women have when dealing with women and there is a fact that 39% of women purchasing vehicles would prefer to deal with women in the car showroom compared with 10% of men who would rather deal with men according to Road and Travel Magazine. 

There, women who own dealerships tend to do well and several manufacturers report that franchises owned by women are at or near the top in overall sales volume. 

According to research as to why, the New York Times stated that “women have more empathy for customers and treat them right when they come into the dealership”. 

Interesting then to see GM have appointed Mary Barra as their CEO – she is a 51 year old GM employee of 33 years. Steeped in GM tradition, does she have the ability to continue the turnaround in the company’s future, who four years ago faced bankruptcy? With a background in engineering, plant experience, purchasing, product development and human resources, then coupled with a determination and the empathy for customers and customer care “watch this space”… 

Perhaps a successful reign will open the doors to other women in senior positions within automotive manufacturing and, who knows, perhaps a woman will eventually oust Jeremy Clarkson and topple his crown.