Automotive Market Trends – April 2012

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The motor industry is a brighter and shiner place even though we have had the wettest April on record ! New Car Registrations up 3.3% the third increase in four months, more foot fall in dealerships and more jobs coming onto the market than at anytime in the last year.

Demand for private cars seems to be driving this increase as fleet registrations fell slightly an increase in private registrations of 14.8% took overall new car registrations 3.3% higher. To put some context round it the market is up 1.4% Jan – April, this being 18% below pre-recession times but 15% above the 2009 lowest point. The SMMT have also revised their full year forecast up to 1.95 million.

The Commercial market is still split as per last month with Vans down 19% (but still up on a rolling year by 1.1%) and Trucks up 18% (24% rolling year increase) giving an overall Commercial vehicle increase of 4.1% rolling year to date.

So hopefully the corner has been turned and we may have to get the lawn mower out to cut the green shoots that seem to be popping up.!