Automotive Industry Investment Levels Increase

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In recent weeks we have been the bearers of some very positive news in regards of the British automotive sector. We are delighted to be able to continue with this, as some recently released research findings have shown that confidence remains high in the continued sustained success of the industry. One of the long term benefits of this is the continued creation and security of automotive jobs.

One story we reported on in the last month was that of changes made to financing in stage one of the supply chain to the automotive sector. Whilst the benefits of this financing are only expected to take effect within the next twenty four to thirty six months, the announcement of them alone has stimulated planning in respect of investment based on the new approach. A recent survey by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed that around one hundred businesses within the automotive supply chain intend to invest a combined figure of over £220 million in the industry across the next three fiscal years.

At this moment in time there are certain socio-economic factors which have caused many to have concerns about the UK’s economic future. These are well known matters, and the fact that both confidence and investment in the industry remain on the increase in the face of them underlines the level of stability achieved. It would be entirely reasonable to say that, no matter what changes may affect the wider UK economy going forward, business is very much of the opinion that the automotive sector will remain stable and successful.

From our perspective it is the case that we remain proud to play such a significant part in ensuring that high levels of investment reap rewards. The investments in the automotive sector are only effective if utilised properly. Major businesses have come to recognize that our approach to selecting candidates for automotive jobs delivers long term appointments – a factor crucial to achieving higher levels of productivity.

The success of the British automotive sector is something which, to an extent, we can all take pride in achieving. For those of us working within the industry, it is vital that we remain focused on harnessing investment in a way that allows maximum potentials to be met. Our services can help to deliver this.