Automotive companies are considering bringing jobs back to the UK

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The automotive sector in the UK is set to undergo great change in the next two years. It is estimated that around 50,000 jobs will be created as manufacturers focus on bringing production back from overseas. The push towards greener technologies is also opening up roles, both at research and manufacturing levels.

Many manufacturing jobs in the automotive industry were moved overseas so companies could take advantage of lower wage costs, larger labour forces and better access to raw materials. This offered some great savings for businesses. Unfortunately, changing conditions, particularly in terms of energy and transportation prices, have meant that making components overseas and shipping them to their final destination for assembly can see high costs. As a result a number of companies are looking at ensuring components are made in more strategic locations so they can benefit from shorter supply chains. Automotive manufacturers in Germany, France and Italy have already implemented similar changes.

Onshoring is strategically advantageous and helps to make supply far more efficient. It also offers job benefits for the host country where vehicles are assembled. Manufacturers looking to reshore back to the UK could be seeking to have as much as 30% of the total production of their vehicles done here.

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