We Attract high-quality passive automotive industry talent

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We attract High-Quality Passive Automotive Industry talent and introduce them to exciting and promising career opportunities.

In the old days, we would have been called a recruitment agency, but no longer.

The prolific advertising of Jobs boards aimed at identifying and attracting people who “don’t like Mondays” to upload their CV today has inspired an upsurge in generalist recruitment agencies who have little or no experience of the automotive sector. They can, with a swipe of their mouse and a few clicks have a long list of CV’s from “actively looking” automotive people who “don’t like Mondays”.

The UK employment rate stands at 76.1% (June 2019) the highest since comparable records began in 1971

Less than 5% of the UK workforce is out of work and actively seeking a job, and only an estimated 18% of employed people will register on a jobs board.

However, an estimated 75% of the global workforce are passive candidates; they are of high quality and skilled. A passive candidate is someone who is currently employed and is not actively looking for a new job; but, when presented with a new and promising opportunity, the passive candidate is likely to leave the current employer and take a new position.

We build high-quality automotive industry talent pools.

Because we focus on careers and not just today’s jobs, automotive professionals trust us.

Utilising deep, Advanced Social Platform and Boolean Search techniques, we access diverse Automotive talent pools to locate high-quality passive Automotive Talent.