Is an apprenticeship the best way into work for young people?

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The process of hiring a new employee is something that must not be taken lightly. If the wrong candidate is hired, it can ruin the image of your company and cause big problems. At John Gibson Associates, we specialise in automotive recruitment and we have various processes in place to ensure that prospective candidates are right for the job.

Apprenticeships are a very effective way to get into work. They offer aspiring individuals the edge needed to truly shine in the job market and experience that is essential to their chosen profession. Lander Automotive are fully aware of the potential of apprenticeships and are aiming to recruit at least 180 apprentices over the next two years. Growing a business through recruiting younger talent offers the opportunity to regenerate the workforce with new people with a fresh outlook. With apprentices, a company can create a multi-skilled workforce with the capabilities to further develop the business and create more job opportunities within the community.

There are many benefits to taking the apprenticeship route into work. They provide the opportunity to earn while you learn from experienced staff, along with access to the same benefits as others such as pension contributions and leisure facilities. Aside from learning from experienced professionals, you will be trained externally at college or with specialist training providers. The modules that you study provide knowledge that is essential to your career. By completing an apprenticeship, you will be gaining a nationally recognised qualification, with some of the higher levels being on par with a degree.

The team here at John Gibson Associates provides various job opportunities in the automotive industry. Tests are conducted that look at a candidates personality, how well they would perform in different work scenarios and how safety conscious they are. It is our mission to ensure that the candidates are fully prepared and qualified for the job so that clients can recruit the right people.