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The North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) enjoyed a very successful 2015 and is on track to transform the region into the largest cluster group in the UK. When the NEAA was established in March, it aimed to attract 100 members in its first year. In just eight months, the group had built a membership that was 110 strong, including high profile names like Nissan, Nifco UK and ElringKlinger, and the signs are promising that growth will continue.

Currently the largest cluster group in the UK is the Welsh Automotive Forum. It was set up in 2001 and has 126 members to date. This means the NEAA only has a short distance to go to take the title and establish the region as a prime destination for automotive manufacturing. In fact, member numbers are expected to rise to 200 in 2016.

The success of the NEAA is based on the impressive mission and vision of the organisation. The aim is to create a broad automotive hub that promotes best practice, up-skilling and development. The workforce in the region and the companies based here will all benefit from the association because it will help with technological development, innovation and creates a stronger supply chain.

The growth in the industry over recent years has been impressive, with Nissan continuing to expand and companies like ElringKlinger winning huge contracts. Businesses have created many motor trade jobs already and it is expected that more will follow in the coming years as development continues. An investment from the Eurozone will also help, with the NEAA receiving £1.3 million to help advise SMEs about productivity and competing in the market.

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