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Your CV is your initial way to market yourself and make a vital first impression with any potential employer. When writing your CV there are a few points which you need to remember. A CV is an introduction. It needs to be informative but not long-winded.

Many people make the mistake of writing too much on their CV. A potential employer will easily get bored if there is too much to take in – remember, they will be looking through many CV’s, not just yours. Concentrate on your achievements, experiences and you! This is your opportunity to make yourself stand out from the rest of the pack! Be factual with your achievements and experience. Back them up with evidence and relevant examples.

Ensure your employment history is continuous – if there are gaps be prepared to give valid explanations.

Tailor your CV for each position you are applying for – highlighting relevant facts and achievements which show you have the experience, are capable of doing the job and that you will be a valuable addition to the company.

Creating your CV is just the first step. Next, you need to get your CV in front of the people that count – the Decision Makers. This is where representation by an experienced recruitment consultancy proves to be crucial. They have the industry contacts. They are experts at finding the right job for people and are always on hand to help prepare you for the daunting prospect of an interview. We at JGA have over twenty years experience helping candidates find the role that is right for them and their career progression – whether starting out as Service Advisor or as a Brand Director for a National Dealer Group.

We can only help you so much… once you walk through that door, the rest is up to you. However, we will try always to arm you with the weapons to put you head and shoulders above the rest!

Contact John Gibson Associates today. Speak to one of our Industry Professionals. We are always on hand to offer assistance and guidance whether you’re looking for a fresh challenge or are trying to find the calibre of staff that will drive your business forward.