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In March a new video from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) that explored innovations in retailing and the wider industry was released. Titled Vision for the Future, it featured the various challenges companies are facing, the revolutions that have taken place, the changes that have occurred in terms of how people purchase cars, and the potential implications of Brexit. All of these can have a big impact on motor trade recruitment and the performance of the sector.

The video explores stories from 12 different companies who have made leading and innovative contributions in the sector. They include Arnold Clark, Barclays, Scania, Progress Recruitment, and BG Products.

In addition there is an interview with John Hayes, Minister of State at the Department for Transport. He discusses the Apprenticeship Levy and how important it is to reform training programmes in the industry to train skilled individuals and fill shortages.

The exploration of retail will be particularly interesting for people looking for a career in the discipline in the motor sector. There are a huge array of different possible roles to take up in vehicle retailing, giving people so much choice. A lot of work is going in to train people to take up these positions and achieve their career goals.

The video was produced by ITN Productions and is available on the IMI website.

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